Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Customer Service

I recently had a customer approach the counter and inquire about one of our classes. I left this conversation a little rattled.. but this has happened before, and seems to becoming more common.

Customer: "When is your Copics class?"

Me: "It is Sunday the 19th"

Customer: "Oh, I have company that day."

Me: "Ok"

Customer: "That is football day."

Me: "Umm, actually, I believe Feb 5th is Superbowl Sunday."

Customer: "Yes, that's when I am having company."

Me: "Ok, but the Copics class is on Feb. 19th."

Customer: "Oh, ok." *wanders away*

Some days I feel like Alice


  1. Okay....so now I'm rolling on the floor! After I get up, I'll have to wipe all the spit off the computer screen! Bet you needed that visual!

  2. I sure hope it wasn't me! LOL Just Kidding... Well, if you are Alice, at least you're in good company... (Johnny Depp, that is!)